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Inevitably, high speeds and demanding driving puts an incredible strain on vehicle components. Particularly if you've customized your car or bike to give it the extra power and top performance you crave, you'll notice that maintenance becomes a major issue, as standard parts just can't stand up to the demands you're placing on them. This is why a growing number of custom car enthusiasts, dirt bikers and other motor sports participants are turning to us for their muffler repacking materials.

Do You Need Muffler Repacking?

If your car or bike is sounding louder than usual, it could well be a sign that repacking is required. Although it can be nice to hear the roar of a well-tuned engine, your neighbors and other road users may not share this view! To keep your vehicle legal as well as ensure you're not a noise nuisance, a muffler that's working well is a priority. We sell top grade muffler packing that's the ideal solution to keeping this important part of your engine in premium condition.

Muffler Packing that Lasts

We make our muffler packing from tough, dependable needled fiberglass. Extensively tested to ensure it can cope with the demands of a thermally challenging environment, our packing is also extremely flexible, enabling successful use around a wide variety of differently shaped mufflers. Heavy accessories and components can really slow things down, which is why our muffler packing is made from light materials that add little weight but gives plenty of reliable protection.

Provider of Choice for a Growing Number of Performance Enthusiasts

All our products are made with motor sports in mind. We specialize in items which offer a winning combination of excellent thermal resistance, great looks and spectacular performance, even after repeated, punishing use. If you're not sure exactly what product you need for a particular task, or would like to find out more about what we offer, you can talk with a member of our experienced, knowledgeable team at (714) 400-2032.

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