Exhaust Wraps Are No Good without Stainless Steel Locking Ties

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It's pretty self-evident that exhaust wrap isn't going to cling to your pipes on its own; the challenge comes with working out what type of fastening has the strength, flexibility and thermal resistance to cope with the job effectively. That's where our handy stainless steel locking ties can really add value – easy to lock in place, enormously tough and resistant to just about anything your driving can throw at them, these ties are the perfect solution for any vehicle that's going to be pushed to the limit.

Add Locking Ties to Your Order Now

If you've decided to invest in exhaust wrap, it makes sense to get the right ties at the same time, so that you've got everything you need to get the job done. It doesn't matter whether you're ordering for a snowmobile or a performance bike; the multi-lock mechanism found on each tie ensures they can work effectively on a wide range of vehicle makes and models. Super light and capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1800°F, these locking ties are the perfect solution for almost any exhaust wrap project.

Versatile Enough For a Wide Range of Other Projects

It's not just exhaust wrap where stainless steel locking ties come into their own. These handy items are also suitable for securely fastening hoses in place, assisting in storing a variety of materials safely and securely, or for keeping things in place on a construction site, in a garage or even in the back yard.

Stainless Steel Locking Ties in Stock Now

We keep stocks of these useful items high, as they're a product that's always in high demand with our customers. All our merchandise is designed to offer optimal performance and spectacular heat resistance. Made with the needs of the motor sports community in mind, our stock is ideal for dirt bikers, performance car enthusiasts and anybody else for whom high spec, dependable solutions are a necessity. To find out more or to place an order, call us now at (714) 400-2032.

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