Sponsorship Program

Welcome, and thank you for choosing Hooked on Products as your Number One Performance Heat Protection Products.Are you looking to get sponsored?Good, because Hooked on Products is looking to sponsor racers in both the Professional, and Amateur Circuits.We offer partial sponsorships that will equip your vehicle or team with discounted heat protection products.In return, your vehicle or team will proudly place a Hooked on Products Logo to help promote the number one Advanced Performance Heat Protection Products sold by Hooked on Products.We are also rolling out our full sponsorship program very soon!To learn how to get sponsored, follow these easy steps. PLEASE SUBMIT THE FOLLOWING
  1. Vehicle and Driver Information
  2. A little Bio on the Driver
  3. Photos of the vehicle
  4. A full list of sponsors (Past/Present)
Once we receive this package, we will be in contact

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