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If you've got a highly turned, powerful engine in your car or bike, it's no surprise that the amount of heat generated is pretty significant. What this means is that adequate heat protection is indispensable in preventing essential parts melting or buckling under the strain. Exhausts are particularly vulnerable to extreme heating, increasing the risk of damage to the pipe itself and the surrounding area. Our exhaust pipe wrap offers the perfect solution to this problem, providing a dependable, durable shield for your exhaust system.

Our Exhaust Wrap Kit is Simple to Use and Suitable for Many Different Vehicles

Whether you need a motorcycle exhaust wrap, an ATV exhaust wrap or wrap for another vehicle, we've got you covered. We use premium materials (check out our high caliber ceramic exhaust wrap) that provide optimal protection, even when temperatures are in excess of 900°F. Our exhaust pipe wrap insulation is extremely flexible, meaning it can be used on a wide range of different exhaust pipes, even those with multiple curves.

Motorcycle Heat Wrap that Looks Amazing

We recognize that many of our customers demand products that not only perform exceptionally well, but which look great at the same time. We offer wraps in a variety of different colors, providing a coordinated heat protection answer to the problem of appropriate insulation. All our products are rigorously tested, resulting in merchandise that not only has plenty of visual appeal, but offers reliable, durable performance no matter how hard you push your engine.

Leading Providers of Heat Resistance Products

We have been successfully trading for some years now, offering high grade snowmobile exhaust wrap as well as a wide range of other high grade insulation options. We are passionate about what we do and are always pleased to come up with product recommendations or a customized answer for a particularly challenging thermal resistance project. To find out more about what we can offer, place an order or ask a question, call a member of our friendly, expert team at (714) 400-2032.

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