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A melted hose can mean severe mechanical breakdown and a fair amount of collateral damage. If you want to avoid the type of engine carnage which a malfunctioning hose can wreak, it's time to invest in one of our premium hose protectors. Created using advanced techniques and cutting-edge materials that come with impressive technical credentials, everything we offer is specifically designed for use in vehicles that are repeatedly subject to extreme conditions. Whether you've got a dirt bike that needs appropriate protection, or a high end car, we've got the right products on offer.

Reliable Performance is Our Specialty

We are a well-established provider of heat resistance (HR) products to the motor sports community. As such, we have developed a good understanding of what our customers want when it comes to their heat protection products. Our hose protection is created not only to withstand exceptionally high temperatures, but also to give durable, robust service, even under extreme conditions. We test our merchandise extensively, putting it through the same tough trials it will face when you use it. This means when you shop with us, you can be confident of purchasing equipment which is specifically designed for your needs.

Ideal for Customized Vehicles

Our product range provides an added safety detail in any high performance engine. When an engine is tuned to give maximal performance, or has had modifications in order to enhance power, more heat production is an inevitable result. Many standard hose protection products just aren't up to the job of safeguarding an engine that's working so much harder than the norm. This is where our merchandise can really add value, offering professional grade insulation that's frequently seen on racing circuits across the country.

We're Always Happy to Hear from You

We value our customers and are always pleased to offer product recommendations or come up with a solution for a particular heat protection issue. To get in touch with a member of our friendly, knowledgeable customer services team, call us now at (714) 400-2032.

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