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With a melting point of over 2500°F, an exceptional degree of chemical inertness and excellent ductile strength, it's little wonder that silicone is such a widely used material in heat resistant products. We make extensive use of silicone in everything from sealants to heat sleeves, resulting in items which demonstrate excellent resistance to heat in addition to performing well under challenging conditions.

High Temp Silicone Sealant is a Tool Kit Essential

There are so many jobs where a dab of sealant can work wonders, but finding the right one can be a real challenge. Our silicone sealant has been specifically designed to deliver all the benefits which silicone provides coupled with the ability to bond with a wide range of different materials. Why bother purchasing a suite of different bonding agents, when our sealant can meld tightly with metal, fiberglass, titanium, basalt, wood and more? Quick to set and easy to apply, this product showcases what silicone can do amazingly well.

Silicone Heat Sleeve That's Durable and Affordable

How often have you struggled to find a suitable protective solution for the bundles of wires which thread throughout your vehicle? Prone to melting at unfortunately moments, wires need top grade protection against heat as well as wear and tear. Our adaptable silicone heat sleeve offers the perfect solution; available in a variety of sizes and resisting direct heat temperatures of up to 500°F as well as radiant heat of up to 2000°F, these can be customized to individual requirements when it comes to length and diameter.

Passionate About Heat Resistance

We have been serving the performance vehicle market for some years now, providing effective, durable and reliable heat resistance solutions which are suitable for racing bikes, custom cars, dirt bikes and many more. We're aware of the challenges our customers face when it comes to getting protective materials that work effectively at high temperatures, which is why every product in our stock is specifically designed to withstand extremely challenging conditions. To find out more or to place an order, call us at (714) 400-2032.

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