Reduce Convective Damage with a High Performance Header Manifold Blanket

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Appropriate coverage for your header manifold not only helps to enhance power by reducing energy loss from the exhaust system, it can also protect your header manifold from potentially damaging convective energy. If you want the job done properly, our header manifold blanket is always a good choice. Easy to fit and offering outstanding protection against radiant heat temperatures in excess of 2000°F, if you crave a durable, reliable solution to your header manifold protection issue, this is it.

We Specialize in Heat Resistant Products

Because our expertise lies specifically in heat resistant engine component covers and wraps, our products are always market leaders. Extensive testing and the use of high grade materials which have all the properties needed for successful use ensure that every item in our collection is a winner. If you've got a customized car or bike that's regularly driven at high speeds, it makes sense to give it the heat protection needed to enhance engine life and reduce maintenance.

Lightweight, Straight-Forward and Effortless

We understand that our customers don't just want effective answers to their insulation issues; they also crave simplicity and convenience. That's why our products are designed to be light weight and flexible, enabling them to be easily fitted to a wide range of makes and models without diminishing performance in any way. Each manifold blanket we sell is made to an exceptionally high specification and benefits from exemplary build quality, resulting in a premium component that really gets the job done.

Serving the Motor Sports Community

We have a successful track record in providing high caliber, heat resistance solutions to dirt bikers, track racers and performance car enthusiasts. We are totally committed to giving our customers the innovative, hi-tech solutions they demand, selling products which are visually appealing as well as awesomely effective. To find out more about what we can offer you and your vehicle, or to place an order, speak with one of our team at (714) 400-2032.

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