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Hooked on Products, built in 2012, is the tip of the spear in the performance heat protection industry.As a DBA, our Parent Company has been serving the needs of the Auto, Motorcycle, Dirt Bike, Sport Communities, and more for over three decades.Our advanced technologies have been tested for countless hours to make certain we are providing the best Heat Resistant (HR) Products on the market.We have earned success by asking you, our loyal customers, what we can do for you.If there is something missing in your industry, simply ask, and we will do everything within our means to make it happen.Our products guarantee maximum power gains, reduce under-hood temperatures, provide personal protection of excessive heat sources, and provide a very slick look.If it gets hot we can protect it, and its surroundings.

Aluminum Heat Shield | Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap | Header Manifold Blanket | Heat Resistant Silicone | Hose Protection | Exhaust Silencer | Steel Locking Ties | Stroke Muffler Repacking
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