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Reliable Ignition Protection That Looks Good

High performance engines generate enormous amounts of heat, so adequate insulation is essential to protect vulnerable bodywork and components. If you've got a premium vehicle and need a solution to the problem of heat protection, we've got the right car heat wrap and shields to get the job done. Our selection of top grade, reliable and extremely durable products are ideal for cars and bikes that get taken to the limit on a regular basis, providing heat protection that really works, even under extreme conditions.

We Rigorously Test Our Motorcycle Header Wrap

We know that our merchandise needs to stand up to extremely high temperatures without buckling, burning or otherwise failing to provide the protection that's needed. Everything we offer has been extensively tested to ensure it meets our exacting standards. We use cutting-edge materials and revolutionary technologies in our exhaust heat wrap and line protection, resulting in products that can significantly outperform the rest.

Aluminum Heat Shield that Looks Amazing

What we provide not only gives awesome heat protection, it also looks pretty good, too. Our high temperature resistant accessories, mufflers and more are all designed with visual appeal in mind. Whether you're looking for bright colors to complement your paint job or want more neutral tones that blend with what else is under the hood, our selection will include something suitable.

Serving the Needs of Dirt Bikers, Performance Car Enthusiasts and More

Our aim is to provide high grade heat protection for vehicles that need to demonstrate consistently excellent performance under punishing conditions. We understand that our customers demand top grade merchandise that delivers on quality and appearance. Our winning combination of high-tech materials and creative design result in a collection of heat proof materials that are specifically created for the needs of competitive racers, bikers and the motor sports community. To find out more about what we offer, or to place an order, call us now at (714) 400-2032.

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